Is the sticker on your window inching towards its expiration date? Don’t get caught with a past due inspection.

As a PennDOT Certified Inspection Station, we’ve been handling vehicle inspections in Northeast PA for countless years. Let us handle all of your inspection needs for your car, truck, van, SUV, trailer, or RV.

Ever wonder what is checked during an inspection? Different types of vehicles have different types of inspection requirements. Here is a list of some of the things we look for passenger cars and light duty trucks, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

  • suspension components
  • steering
  • braking systems
  • tires & wheels
  • lighting & electrical systems
  • glazing (glass)
  • mirrors
  • windshield washer
  • defroster
  • wipers
  • fuel systems
  • speedometer
  • odometer
  • exhaust systems
  • horns & warning devices
  • body
  • chassis


Annual Safety – $31.00 +tax
Semi Annual Safety – $31.00 +tax
Emissions – $30.00 + tax
Emissions Sticker Replacement – $3.65 + tax
Trailer Safety – $30.00 +tax
Safety Sticker Replacement – $13.00 + tax

** Prices are subject to change **

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